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Custom & Commissioned Orders are Welcome

The Fused Glass Diva is happy to speak with you directly about special projects custom made especially for you. Please Contact Lori when you have an idea, or subject in mind.


Pets, Pets, Pets! Everyone loves their their critters! You provide the photograph and the Diva will do her magic. It is important that a true caricature of your pet requires a few of the subtle intricacies that make your pet special to you. Perhaps a goofy pose, one green eye and one blue, their markings, even if they have a favorite teddy bear they are never without...Fused Glass Diva can pull it together in a heartwarming & charming keepsake. Your pet's caricature, like your pet, will always be one of a kind!

Other Ideas for Custom & Commission Projects:

  • Awards for - corporate, sports, sorority ...anything.
  • Real estate, your home, cottage, city land mark or skyline.
  • Food, wine, sushi, your family favorite...
  • Holiday or special event.

Custom Pricing.

The Diva has developed a formula that considers the number of segments required for the desired outcome and the actual finished size of the piece that applies to regular production, Custom prices are just that: built to fit the needs or requirements of a particular person. Plus, a surcharge of 20% (rounded up to the nearest $5 increment) will be added to cover the time in developing around what is required.

Estimated time for Production Completion.

Custom pieces require a lead time of 4-6 weeks for completion unless stipulated by Fused Glass Diva.

Contact Lori, the Fused Glass Diva to discuss any custom project.

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