Newfie the Hole Digging Dashound

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The Story behind this piece...It was requested as a Christmas gift for someone who has a hole digging dashound named Newfie. He is constantly digging up his yard! He is a much loved part of the family and his owners take his habit in stride.

I wrote a limerick to go around the border for something different and to personalize it even further!

This colourful, one-of-a-kind, pasta bowl/platter was hand painted by the Fused Glass Diva.

It is a process of reverse enamel painting in fused glass, requiring multiple firings in a kiln.

  • 290mm (12.25") round
  • 58mm (2.25") high
  • Solid glass base
  • As always: Kiln annealed, food safe, made will lead free materials, dishwasher safe, not recommended for the oven, cook top or microwave

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