Lucca, the Frenchy

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This is a custom order for someone's birthday.

The Story:

Lucca is a French Bulldog. He loves spending time at the cottage up in the Pugwash, Nova Scotia area...hence the red clay, sand bars and Bay of Fundy in the background. He likes to spend time on the beach playing fetch with a tennis ball and hanging out in the evening with his peeps at the fire pit surrounded by adirandack chairs.

If you have a story you would like to bring to life with a caricature, let me know, I would love to tell it in a custom piece.

This colourful, one-of-a-kind, pasta bowl/platter was hand painted by the Fused Glass Diva.

It is a process of reverse enamel painting in fused glass, requiring multiple firings in a kiln.

  • 290mm (12.25") round
  • 58mm (2.25") high
  • Solid glass base
  • 5 kiln firings required : outline, sgraffito, paint, fuse flat, & slump.
  • As always: Kiln annealed, food safe, made will lead free materials, dishwasher safe, not recommended for the oven, cook top or microwave.

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