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Fusing 101

Even if you have not cut glass before! The Diva will take you through all the basics and beyond. This is a pretty comprehensive class designed to get you up and running confidently in the wonderful  and creative world of glass fusing.

  • 85 page book put together exclusively for Fusing 101 (colour)

  • Several methods of cutting glass for fusing

  • What glass works with fusing

  • Critical tools

  • Easy circle cutting & tricks

  • Mold care

  • Kiln preparation

  • How to program the kiln

  • See a kiln in action

  • Colour theory related to the glass world

  • Project assembly

  • Create with frit and stringers

  • Use  non-traditional glass paints

  • Display/function, holes and hangers

  • Trouble shooting

  • Cold working

  • Lots of other tricks of the trade.


By the end of the course you will have completed  several projects.

  • Tack fuse project

  • Drape project

  • Unique cast item

  • Bubbles

  • Round square or rectangular slump project

  • Relief design


Note: Project designs and concepts will be provided. In general, the projects are carefully selected as teaching tools to provide you the skills and as much information as possible to give you success with your own creative projects in the future.


  • Nice small group:  Maximum 2 people per class.

  • 12 hours of instruction

  • Relaxed studio environment

  • Wear comfortable clothes and closed toe shoes.

  • 15 minute coffee break


Cost: $500

Schedule on "Shop Page"


Payment in full is required before class begins.

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