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Cone Art Kilns are made in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada! (north of Toronto) and shipped directly to your home or business! The Fused Glass Diva has been a very happy dealer for Cone Art kilns since January 2014.

  • Cone Art Glass Kilns are second to none in performance and quality
  • Each Cone Art Glass Kiln is certified and approved by CSA/CUL for Canada, the US and CE for Europe
  • All glass kilns are available with either a full-featured Bartlett V6 controller, a Bartlett B3K controller or a Genisis 2.0 Controller
  • 2 year warranty
  • Replacement parts, elements and relays are available through Fused Glass Diva from Cone Art in Canada.
  • Remember, Lori, the Fused Glass Diva is only an email or phone call away.


  • Kiln electrical specification are listed in the product information for individual kilns.
  • Residential homes are usually 240V
  • Commercial buildings are usually 208V (sometimes 240V)
  • Please determine which voltage kiln is correct for your home/building
  • If in doubt, contact your Electrical Contractor
  • You will need a Licensed Electrical Contractor for installation of all kilns with the exception The 117G Kiln. For that size kiln, a regular household plug will do the job, but it does require a "dedicated" plug...meaning, it has to be on its own circuit.
  • All 208 or 240 volt models (larger kilns) are supplied with an 8 foot long power cord wired to the kiln but do not have a plug attached. These larger sized kilns are designed to be directly hard-wired to a into an electrical panel
  • A Licensed Electrical Contractor must do this work which also requires an Electrical Safety Authority permit. Talk to your electrician


  • Kilns are built when ordered and not inventoried
  • Turn-around time for kiln builds is approximately 6 weeks


  • The prices given for shipping are estimates. Delivery to some areas (postal code sensitive) may be more than originally charged. The purchaser is responsible for those additional charges
  • In the event that you have been overcharged for shipping once the actual cost is confirmed, you will be refunded the difference
  • Shipping estimeates assume a "lift gate" is required. If not, give me a quick contact to let me know (you might save some money!)
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