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I am The Fused Glass Diva!

I have been a glass artist for most of my adult life. Starting out with lead came stained glass, and traditional glass painting. In fact, I love it so much I started Cranberry Stained Glass Studio & Supply Inc. in October 2005 and I am still going strong.

My journey into fused glass actually started with a colourful set of pottery kitchen canisters that I purchased from a local artist Sharon Fiske, of Clay Works.  I loved the colours and the flow of the pattern and was inspired to make a stained glass window to compliment them. I designed several windows in the foil and solder technique and was never happy with the heavy look of the cut lines. I wanted a much lighter look that you can only get from transparent glasses being layered and fused together.


I  loved fused glass from the very first day I was introduced to it. I am truely inspired by the  freedom of seamless colour change, the fluidity of melted glass, the physical manipulation achieved with temperature, gravity and tools and the ability to make three dimensional objects.

One of the best things about fused glass is the practicality of the pieces I love to create. To is the very definition of "Functional Art". 

I create it, I use it, and I love it!

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Joan Wilson: The Watercolour Artist

My Ma, Joan Wilson, has been working in watercolours for as long as I can remember. 

She is inspired by all the gentle surroundings of  the Atlantic Canada winter to the warmer sights of Southwest Florida.

Throughout  her artistic career, she has been a contributing member of several art groups, taught watercolours for several years, consistently sold work in art shows she has participated in, raised substantial money by donating paintings to auction for charities near and dear to her, and is thrilled to have several privately commissioned pieces under her belt.

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