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Labrador Tartan Tea Light

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Labrador Tartan

This tartan has been designed to celebrate the Labrador Scottish Heritage. The starting point was the tartan of the Grants of Strathspey since Donald Smith, Lord Strathcona, one of the founders of the Dominion of Canada, was a grandson of the family. The sett and the colours have been changed to make the tartan uniquely Labradorean. Donald Smith set the standard for fur trapping and trading that was the principle element of the pioneer economy.

Provincial and Clan/Family Tartans are literally a "labour of love" of the Diva! Great effort is made to source the correct colours and set patterns to accurately represent specific tartans in glass! Each item takes hundreds of 1mm glass threads that are all cut by hand and positioned while repeating the mantra, "keep it straight". There are several kiln firings required for each piece too!

Custom orders: Ask the Diva about your Clan/Family Tartan!

Teal light candle included.

Descriptive card

Boxed/packaged for shipping

Even flat bottom base

As always: Kiln annealed, food safe, made will lead free materials, dishwasher safe, not recommended for the oven, cook top or microwave.

Refund and return policy

Due to the nature of the materials used in my products, please make yourself familiar with additional information and instruction for the Fused Glass Diva's Return and Refunds policy:

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