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Nova Scotia Tartan Sconce

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There are so many things you can do with a sconce shaped piece! Simply sit it somewhere where it will capture light and allow the cathedral colours to shine through! Put a candle behind it for a little ambience! Replace a boring old white sconce shade with a subtlely patriotic tartan! Or, in this case, display it on you desk to show your pride in your work and accomplishment!

Originally six were made for an Atlantic Canada events company for awards...But I liked them so much, I decided to add them to my product lineup!

True colours of the Nova Scotia Tartan: The blue and white in the Tartan represent the sea, the two greens represent the forests (coniferous & deciduous), the red represents the Royal Lion on the shield in the Arms of the Province and the gold represents the Province's Royal Charter. True to the official thread count for the Nova Scotia Tartan!

Approximately 8"Wide by 6"High by 3" Deep.

Even flat bottom base edge for standing

As always: Kiln annealed, food safe, made will lead free materials, dishwasher safe, not recommended for the oven, cook top or microwave.

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