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Celtic Cats Pasta Bowl

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2 Celtic Cats weaving their legs and tails in an attempt at creating a trap...for creatures of the Otherworld or for humans...we will never know!

Celtic Cats

In Celtic mythology, the cat is a creature that is both adored and despised. Cats were often portrayed as a connection to the mystic realms, granting the caller (often by someone who was considered a witch!) a variety of insights regarding esoteric and ethereal knowledge. Cats were considered the guardian of souls, their eyes the windows to the other world.

For those who despised the powers said to exist outside the church, the cat was considered the quintessential vehicle for the devil’s work. Going one step further, simply owning a cat was indicative of witchcraft and condemnable through the witch trials spreading across Europe.

  • 12" round
  • 1.5" deep
  • Rimless
  • Very stable flat bottom
  • Ideal for pasta or as a serving bowl

As always: Kiln annealed, food safe, made will lead free materials, dishwasher safe, not recommended for the oven, cook top or microwave.

The Story Behind the Cats:

Unlike many other Indo-European cultures, the Celts did not revere cats, though there are many references to them in Celtic mythology. Archtypally they serve the same guardian function as demons/angels in the Judeo-Christian myths. Three mythic references to cats which are prominent are; one, a cat which helps to guard the gates of the Otherworld; two, one who is able to shapeshift into a ball of fire; and three, one called Irusan of Knowth who stole humans like the faery. Cat-like monsters were also believed to dwell in dark caves.

I just liked the design.

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