Rockin'Diva Ponytail Holder, White Blossom on Blue

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Do you or someone you know wear a ponytail? Kick it up a notch with a "Rockin' Diva Ponytail Holder!

I does not take any extra effort to make your ponytail a statement with original art! Each Rockin' Diva Ponytail Holder is unique. They are all painted by hand by the Diva. Comes with the Diva's favorite hair elastic attached. If it breaks, or you don't like that kind, you can always replace it with your favorite ...just loop it around the shank. The elastic can be switched around for left handed people! Great care is taken to ensure that the subject sits as straight as possible...but check before you leave the might be upside down! Some designs, it does not matter!

Hand painted reverse enameling in fused glass

1.5" diameter (most of the designs, some are 1.25-1.75" squares)

Light weight


Silver plated elastic holder

High quality replacable hair elastic

Lead free

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