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Rockin'Diva Ponytail Holder, Nova Scotia Strong

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This simple symbol reminds us Nova Scotians to be proud & support our community in difficult times. For every “Nova Scotia Strong” Rockin’Diva Ponytail Holder sold, $5 will be donated to Soul’s Harbour Rescue Mission, a local organization providing emergency food, shelter & more, to people in need.

I just donated $125. to Souls Harbour Rescue Mission, NS prior to launching my fundraising campaign to donate $5 for every NOVA SCOTIA STRONG, Rockin'Diva Ponytail Holders I sell. I am doing it in batches of 25 to keep the accounting simple. Once the first round is gone, I will donate another $125 and make 25 more! Help me meet my goal of $500!

If you don't wear a ponytail or know someone who can always donate directly yourself!

I does not take any extra effort to make your ponytail a statement with original art! Each Rockin' Diva Ponytail Holder is unique. They are all painted by hand by the Diva. Comes with the Diva's favorite hair elastic attached. If it breaks, or you don't like that kind, you can always replace it with your favorite ...just loop it around the shank.

Hand painted reverse enameling in fused glass

1.5" diameter (most of the designs, some are 1.25-1.75" squares)

Light weight

Annealed glass

Silver plated shank fo elastic

High quality replaceable hair elastic

Lead free

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